Present Simple VS Present Continuous Worksheets PDF

On this occasion we are sharing with you these beautiful activities Present Simple and Present Continuous Worksheets PDF Worksheets, these activities can be printed and their use is very simple. On our PDF worksheets site we are creating many activities to help teachers and parents that occupy our educational

Present Simple and Present Continuous Worksheets PDF

Our present simple and present continuous exercises are very easy to do and can be used by teachers or parents.

Present Simple and Present Continuous worksheets

Worksheets 1

In this beautiful Present Simple and Present Continuous exercises you can practice the correct use of verbs in the present or present continuous, our activity is completely free and easy to download.

Here you can practice these two very important topics that help us improve our learning of the English language.

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Worksheets 2

Work with our present simple or present continuous worksheets, where the student must recognize these very important grammatical tenses.

In these exercises you can enclose the correct grammatical tense, as well as create sentences according to the grammatical tense requested.

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Worksheets 3

Practice learning the present continuous and present simple exercises to print and improve English grammar.

In this worksheet you can circle the correct grammatical tense, i.e. simple present or present continuous.