Present Continuous Worksheets – Grammar and Exercises

Here we are going to share a variety of present continuous worksheets so that you can work with your students, these English grammar topics are very important.

Present Continuous Worksheets

elementary exercises present continuous

Worksheet 1

This worksheet is for primary school children, here you can work on the present continuous using basic vocabulary that children will understand the sentences.

You will find more than 20 sentences to complete with the present progressive, this activity can be used for children who are at a basic level.

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present continuous worksheets

Worksheets 2

Here we share exercises PDF of the present continuous to work on the grammatical rules, here you can join the verb from the present simple to the present continuous with a line.

With these worksheets students will be able to recognize the correct form of the verb in the present progressive.

present continuous negative form

Worksheets 3

Here you can work on the negative form of the present continuous, you can change the sentences from positive to negative.

Practice present continuous exercises in the negative form with these nice activities

Add the –ing

Worksheets 4

In this present progressive worksheet you can add the -ing to the verb, to make it in the present continuous, with this list of verbs you can practice the grammatical rules of the present continuous.

Present continuous activities that we share with you on our website are completely free.

Rearrange the words present continuous

Worksheets 5

Rearrange the words to form sentences of the present continuous, here you can work with these 10 sentences using the present continuous, the exercises you must do are very simple and you must remember the grammatical rules.

Download our present continuous worksheets completely free and learn this very important grammar topic.