Parts of a Plant Worksheets. A plant consists of many different parts. The three main parts are: roots, leaves and stems. Each section has a set of jobs to do to keep the plant healthy. The roots absorb water and minerals from the soil and hold the plant in the ground.

Stems support the plant in the ground and transport water and minerals to the leaves. Leaves use an amazing process called photosynthesis to harvest energy from the sun and provide food for plants. Plants are extremely important to life on earth. They grow in mountains, valleys, desert, in fresh and salt water – almost anywhere on earth. more worksheets PDF.

Here comes the plant from various shapes and sizes, the smallest seedlings to towering Giant Sequoia. not only plants look beautiful, but they also play a vital role in retaining people, Animals, Planet Health. Plants provide food, medicine, shelter and We need oxygen to breathe. Parts of a Plant for kids.

In fact, Everything we eat comes directly or indirectly from plants. herbivores (herbivores) and Omnivores (animal and plant eaters) dependence Plants built for survival. even carnivores (meat eaters) depend on plants because They often prey on animals that eat plants. Plants also provide them with shelter and habitat many animals. Our precious soil needs plants too. When plants die, they decompose And provide nutrient-rich topsoil to help seeds germinate and grow into seedlings.

Parts of a Plant Worksheets