There is There are – English Grammar Rules

Use : There is, There are

We use there is / are to say somenthing exists.

  • There is mistake in this exercise.

NOT A mistake in the exercise or It’s a mistake in the exercise.

  • There are 109 elemets in the Periodic Table.

NOT 109 elements are in the Periodic Table or They are 109 elements in the Periodic Table.

After we say that something exists with there is / are we can then use it is or they are to give more details.

  • There’s a computer in the classroom. It’s very useful.
  • There’s a book on the table. It’s not mine.
  • There are nine planets in the solar system. They’re easy to see with a telescope.
  • There are some instructions avaible for this DVD but They are on the Internet

There is – There are Structure

AFFIRMATIVE Singular There is
Plural There are
NEGATIVE Singular There isn’t
Plural There aren’t
INTERROGATIVE Singular Is  there…?
Plural Are there…?

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