English Grammar – Rules – Exercises – Tenses-


The present simple
The present simple negative
Present simple questions
Verb To be (am is are)
The present continuous
Present tenses overview
The past simple
The past simple negative
Past simple questions
The past continuous
The present perfect simple
The present perfect continuous
The past perfect simple
The past perfect continuous
“Used to” and “would”
Past tenses overview
The future with “going to”
The future with “will”
The present for future events
The future continuous
The future perfect
The future in the past
Future overview
The passive
The passive in the past
The passive in the future
The passive with modals
Other passive constructions
Conditional sentences
Other conditional sentences
Conditional sentences overview
Future possibilities
Wishes and regrets
Forming questions
Question words
Open questions
Object and subject questions
Indirect questions
Question tags
Short questions
Short answers
Questions overview
Reported speech
Tenses in reported speech
Reporting verbs
Reported speech with negatives
Reported questions
Reported speech overview
Types of verbs
Action and state verbs
Infinitives and participles
Verb patterns
Verb patterns with objects
Verb patterns with prepositions
Phrasal verbs
Modal verbs
Permission, requests, and offers
Suggestions and advice
Making deductions
Articles overview
“This / that / these / those”
“No / none”
“Each / every”
“Either / neither / both”
Singular and plural nouns
Countable and uncountable nouns
Subject-verb agreement
Abstract and concrete nouns
Compound nouns
Approximate quantity
Personal pronouns
Reflexive pronouns
Indefinite pronouns
Defining relative clauses
Non-defining relative clauses
Other relative structures
Question words with “-ever”
There is – There are
Introductory “it”
Shifting focus
Shortening infinitives
Gradable and non-gradable adjectives
Comparative adjectives
Two comparatives together
“As… as” comparisons
Superlative adjectives
Adverbs of manner
Comparative and superlative adverbs
Adverbs of degree
Adverbs of time
Adverbs of frequency
“So” and “such”
“Enough” and “too”
Prepositions of place
Prepositions of time
Other prepositions
Dependent prepositions
Coordinating conjunctions
Subordinating conjunctions
More linking words
Linking words overview
Easily confused phrases
Sequencing and organizing
Correcting and changing the subject
Deciding and hedging
Making conversation