Cursive Practice Sentences


We share with you the following cursive practice sentences ideal for preschoolers, here we are going to share sentences at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

Simple Sentence for Kids.

These sentences will help children practice common English words and form basic sentences.

  1. “I am a good friend.”
  2. “I can see the blue sky.”
  3. “My favorite color is red.”
  4. “I love to play with my toys.”
  5. “My teacher is very nice.”
  6. “I have a pet dog.”
  7. “I can count to ten.”
  8. “We are learning our ABCs.”
  9. “I like to read books.”
  10. “We play games at school.”
  1. “I eat lunch with my friends.”
  2. “The sun is bright and yellow.”
  3. “I can tie my shoes.”
  4. “I help clean up my toys.”
  5. “I love my family.”
  6. “Today is Monday.”
  7. “My best friend is Sam.”
  8. “I like to draw pictures.”
  9. “I can hop like a bunny.”
  10. “The butterfly is beautiful.”

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