What Is Autism?

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurobiological developmental disorder that already manifests during the first three years of life and will last throughout the life cycle. There are two fundamental symptoms of autism: Persistent deficiencies in communication and social interaction.

Tips for working with children with autism

Students with autism require certain care from teachers, who can thus facilitate their day to day in the classroom. On World Autism Awareness Day, we have compiled five simple tips for working with students with this disorder.

  1. Provide them with an agenda that anticipates everything that will happen in the next 45-60 minutes.
  2. Avoid, as far as possible, sound stimuli.
  3. Set a ‘greeting’ moment
  4. Repetitive table work.
  5. The teacher must adapt to the student and not the other way around.

Based On The ABLLS Curriculum

Math Worksheets for Autistic Students