Adverbs of Frequency – Grammar – Exercises

What are adverbs of frequency?

Adverbs of frequency are often used to indicate routine or repeated activities, so they are often used with the present simple tense, Adverbs of frequency indicate the frequency of an action. How many times has it happened? How long. 

Adverbs of Frequency Grammar

+ Affirmative Sentences.

In affirmative sentences, adverbs of frequency are always placed after the subject and in front of the main verb and the rest of the sentence.

Subject + adverbs of frequency + verb + complement.

always remember to do my homework.

He normally gets good marks in exams.

We sometimes go to the theatre.

always go cycling on Sundays.

+ Negative Senteces. 

In negative sentences we place the frequency adverb between the auxiliary do not (don´t) or does not (doesn´t) and the main verb.

Subject + don’t/doesn’t + adverbs of frequency + verb + complement.

I don’t always remember to do my homework.

He doesn’t normally get good marks in exams.

We don’t often go to the theatre.

I don’t always go cycling on Sundays.

+ Interrogative Sentences.

In interrogative sentences, the adverb of frequency is placed between the subject and the main verb.

Do/Does+subject + adverbs of frequency + verb + complement.?

Do I always remember to do my homework.?

Does He normally get good marks in exams.?

Do We often go to the theatre.?

Do I always go cycling on Sundays.?

Frequency adverbs with the verb to be

When we want to use a frequency adverb with the verb to be, the sentence has a structure different from the one we have detailed previously.

+ Affirmative Sentences.

In the case of affirmative sentences, the frequency adverb is placed after the verb and the presence of the complement becomes essential.

Subject+ verb to Be + adverbs of frequency  + complement.

They are never pleased to see me

She is usually bad tempered.

Sally is always serious.

Carl and Peter are usually angry.

+ Negative Senteces. 

When the sentence is negative, we simply add the frequency adverb after the verb to be in negative form (‘m not, is not and are not) followed by the complement.

Subject+ verb to Be +not +  adverbs of frequency  + complement.

They aren’t never pleased to see me

She isn’t usually bad tempered.

Sally isn’t always serious.

Carl and Peter aren’t usually angry.

+ Interrogative Sentences.

In the case of interrogatives, the frequency adverb will be placed between the subject and the complement.

Verb to Be +Subject+ adverbs of frequency  + complement. ?

Are They never pleased to see me?

Is She usually bad tempered.?

Is Sally always serious.?

Are Carl and Peter usually angry?

Occasionally, sometimes, often, frequently and usually can also go at the beginning or end of a sentence:

  • Sometimes they come and stay with us.
  • He plays tennis occasionally.

Rarely and seldom can also go at the end of a sentence (often with “very”):

  • We see them rarely.
  • Lucas eats meat very seldom.

Sentences with adverbs of frequency.

seldom have breakfast.

am never late.

Skype is occasionally frustrating.

They were always noisy.

They always hang out together.

The Northern Lights are usually green.

You normally see them best in September or March.

It’s often cloudy.

We sometimes go to the cinema.

sometimes have lunch in a restaurant.

Do you always drink milk for breakfast?

Adverbs of Frequency and expressions List

Frequency   Adverb of Frequency    Example Sentence
100% always I always run in the mornings.
90% usually I usually take the bus to work
80% normally / generally I normally go to the gym.
70% often* / frequently I often surf the internet.
50% sometimes I sometimes forget my wife’s birthday.
30% occasionally I occasionally eat junk food.
10% seldom I seldom read the newspaper.
5% hardly ever / rarely I hardly ever drink alcohol.
0% never I never swim in the sea.

We can also use the following expressions when we want to be more specific about the frequency:

  • every day
  • once a month
  • twice a year
  • four times a day
  • every other week
  • daily
  • monthly

I play tennis twice a week.

I play tennis once a week.

Every Monday I have a gym

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